Welcome to the Mashable Technology Academy (M-TECH)

M-Tech is an independent Learning Centre focused on helping students to reach their highest potential in maths and Information Technology.

Our students can explore exciting areas of technology whilst receiving constant, expert support from our experienced teachers. Our weekend and summer programs help students to enhance their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while improving their knowledge of core subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

We are passionate about helping our students to improve their career prospects by gaining skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

Unleashing Imaginations

M-Tech technology programs aim to inspire the next generation of innovators by offering students opportunities to develop technological literacy and leadership skills on a platform of collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.

Our IT programs explore the fields of computer programming, microcontrollers, electronics, robotics and engineering in a fun, hands-on learning environment. Using Project Based Learning, assignments introduce students to innovative ways of combining the physical and digital world.

Maths Tutoring

Creating Confidence in Maths - Group classes, Private & online tuition.

Maths is one of the core subjects in the curriculum, and as such it is not only compulsory up to GCSE but also forms a core part many entrance examinations at different stages of the education system, both in UK wide exams such as the 11+ and school specific entrance assessments.

To help support your kids’ development in Mathematics; M-Tech offers friendly, professional and bespoke Maths tuition across Primary, 11+, KS3 and GCSE levels. Using up-to-date teaching techniques, and fun games and we tailor lessons to your kids’ preferred learning styles. Our maths tutors use this bespoke approach to teaching to ensure that your child is more confident with this important subject.

Find out how we can help Inspire your Students

M-Tech can also design and run engaging classes/workshops for your students. Our passionate educators can offer support or full facilitation for your maths and technology sessions.

Please get in touch with us so we can explore ways of reengaging and exciting your students in maths and technology.